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<h2>What part can the county board play in the choice of candidates to fill vacant professional and service positions of employment?</h2>
<p><strong>By Howard E. Seufer Jr.</strong></p>
<p>When we teach school board members and administrators about the respective roles of the county board and superintendent in filling personnel vacancies, we regularly advise that the board should not involve itself in the process of selecting a candidate until after the superintendent settles upon a person to recommend to the board.  </p>

County Boards of Education Model Meetings Policy

<p>This model policy is intended as a guide for county boards of education that are developing their 2 own board meetings policies. This model is compliant with current West Virginia law. School 3 boards making modifications to the model are solely responsible for those modifications and 4 should consult legal counsel before making such modifications.</p>
<p><a class="btn" href="/sites/default/files/documents/Model-Policy_County-Board-Meetings.pdf">Download</a></p>

County Schools Superintendent Evaluation Process and Procedures

Procedues for Required County Superintendent Evaluation

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(a) At least annually, the county board shall evaluate the performance of the county superintendent. The evaluation process to be used shall be one authorized by the state board. The West Virginia school board association shall maintain a catalog of evaluation instruments which comply with this section and shall make them available to county boards.

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