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County Schools Superintendent Evaluation Process and Procedures

Procedues for Required County Superintendent Evaluation

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(a) At least annually, the county board shall evaluate the performance of the county superintendent. The evaluation process to be used shall be one authorized by the state board. The West Virginia school board association shall maintain a catalog of evaluation instruments which comply with this section and shall make them available to county boards.

(b) At a minimum, the evaluation process shall require the county superintendent and county board to establish written goals or objectives for the county superintendent to accomplish within a given period of time. Additionally, the county board shall evaluate the county superintendent on his or her success in improving student achievement generally across the county and specifically as it relates to the management and administration of low performing schools.

(c) The evaluation also may cover the performance of a county superintendent in the areas of community relations, school finance, personnel relations, curricular standards and programs and overall leadership of the school district as indicated primarily by improvements in student achievement, testing and assessment.

(d) The evaluation of a county superintendent shall occur in executive session. At the conclusion of the evaluation, the county board shall make available to the public a general statement about the evaluation process and the overall result. Additional information about the evaluation may be released only by mutual consent of the county superintendent and the county board. The county board may use the evaluation results to determine:

(1) Whether to extend the contract of the county superintendent;

(2) Whether to offer the county superintendent a new contract; and

(3) The level of compensation or benefits to offer the county superintendent in any new or extended contract.