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Membership Subscription Fees

The membership subscription fees of each county shall be determined by the Executive Board. Annual membership subscription fees are to paid on a fiscal year basis or calendar year basis as determined by the Executive Board. The term "Fiscal Year" shall mean the Fiscal Year established by law for county boards of education.


At the association's Annual Membership Meeting and at such other statewide meetings of the membership as may be held throughout the year, one-third of the counties having paid membership subscription fees to WVSBA at the time of the meeting must have a representative or representatives present in order for a quorum to be attained for conducting business on matters relating to the membership. Only school board members may serve as voting representatives at annual membership meetings.18


These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the member counties present at the Annual Membership Meeting of the Association

Association, Sustaining or Honorary Members

As determined by the Executive Board and approved by the membership, associate, sustaining or honorary members may be chosen and their dues determined by the Executive Board.


The Association shall be incorporated under the laws of the State of West Virginia as a nonprofit corporation.


The Association shall publish such journals, bulletins and such additional communications as may be deemed necessary by the Executive Board and/or Executive Director. Publications shall be sent to all school board members in the state, subject to such rules, regulations or procedures that the Executive Board or membership may determine.


The headquarters of the Association shall be in Charleston, West Virginia, or at a location determined by the Executive Board.

Parliamentary Authority

All matters not covered by the Constitution and Bylaws of this Association shall be governed by Roberts Rules of Order.