Citizen Participation Aspect of Wood County Schools Superintendent Search


In March 2018 the Wood County Board of Education (WCBOE) contracted with the West Virginia School Board Association (WVSBA) to guide the board in a superintendent search. WVSBA’s superintendent search proposal encompasses several steps, including, among other things, the following:

  1. Surveying county board members to assess various characteristics or criteria – literally “skillsets” – preferred in terms of the incoming county superintendent as well as a county board assessment of Wood County Board of Education - Trends in the Community Context of the County Board of Wood. Survey results have been compiled and will be utilized as the board deliberates in latter phases of the search process.
  2. Posting of a Notice of Position Vacancy, approval of an application process, and advertising of the position. Based on these efforts 13 persons have applied for the position.
  3. Conducting a session open to the public whereby interested citizens, representatives of various constituency groups, school employee organizations and others discussed desired skillsets for the incoming county superintendent. That session was held April 18 at the county board central office. This step is the central focus of this report.
  4. Remaining activities in the superintendent search include county board review of applications received and, based on that review, determination of screened applicants to be interviewed by the county board; contemplation of a “meet-andgreet” session whereby screened applicants, prior to county board interviews, will be present to introduce themselves to the community and to make brief remarks regarding their vision, goals and plans for Wood County Schools;
  5. Structured interviews of screened applicants, including possible second interviews, and announcement of the successful superintendent-elect.


To continue reading, please download the report in it's entirety: Citizen Participation Aspect of Wood County Schools Superintendent Search